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You can display an image using an img tag in HTML like this.  This is linked to an Image in FotoWare

Banana Pi

You can also post an iFrame  This is linked to an image in FotoWeb and will allow you to click on it to download.



Both of these options launch the FotoWeb Video player. The movie resides in the FotoWeb archive
Or This

 Turtle Video  

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Banner by Victor Stabin

Hidden Treasures in the Jim Thorpe Area

Carbon County Environmental Center

Great trails for hiking and bird watching. Environmental activities at the center. Outside picnic area. Located two miles past Mauch Chunk Lake Park on the left.

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Switchback Trail from Jim Thorpe to Mauch Chunk Lake

Wonderful biking and hiking trail from downtown Jim thorpe. Pick up the trail at the top of Hill Rd behind the Opera House. Follow it for 3.5 miles to the lake. Coast all the way back on the 4% grade. Outside picnic areas at the Lake.

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