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Zoning Board of Jim Thorpe, Pa

The Jim Thorpe Zoning Board is made up of 5 sitting members and 2 alternates. The members of the board and alternates are appointed for 3 year terms. The board meets on an "as needed" basis. Unless announced otherwise, all Zoning Board Meetings are held at the Borough Office at 410 North St in Jim Thorpe, Pa.,  most start at 6:30pm or 6:45pm.

The sole role of the Zoning Board is for a Borough land or building owner to request relief from the Zoning Ordinance or to hear appeals from determinations of the zoning officer or municipal engineer.

This means that if you want to make changes to your land and or building, and the proposed changes fall within the rules set forth in the Zoning Ordinace, you DO NOT need to go before the Zoning Board. For these type of changes you must talk to the Zoning Officer and perhaps apply for permit.

Talk to the Zoning Officer prior to construction to determine if a permit or hearing will be needed.

Zoning Officer vrs Zoning Board

Zoning Officer Duties

For the administration of a zoning ordinance, a zoning officer, who shall not hold any elective office in the municipality, shall be appointed. The zoning officer shall meet qualifications established by the municipality and shall be able to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the municipality a working knowledge of municipal zoning.

1. The zoning officer shall administer the zoning ordinance in accordance with its literal terms, and shall not have the power to permit any construction or any use or change of use which does not conform to the zoning ordinance.

2. Zoning officers may be authorized to institute civil enforcement proceedings as a means of enforcement when acting within the scope of their employment.

3. Receive, review approve or deny building permits and certificates.

4.Issue a written notice of violation to any person violating any provision of this ordinance.


Zoning Board Duties

The board shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and render final adjudications in the following:

  1. − Substantive challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance, except for curative amendments
  2. − Procedural challenges to the validity of any land use ordinance raised within 30 days of the effective date
  3. − Appeals from determinations of the zoning officer
  4. − Appeals from determinations of the zoning officer or municipal engineer regarding flood plain regulations, or administration of erosion and sedimentation controls or stormwater management in land use ordinances except for development involving applications covered by Articles V and VII
  5. − Variances to the zoning or flood plain regulations meeting criteria and further provisions in 910.2
  6. − Special exceptions in the zoning or flood plain regulations in accord with 912.1
  7. − Appeals from any officer charged with administering TDR or performance density provisions in zoning

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Home > Local Government > Zoning Board
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